How to calm yourself during an anxiety attack?

Wednesday , 30, November 2011 Leave a comment

A therapist would call this “grounding techniques”
What is involved is to access one or more of your 5 basic senses – focusing on it – until the danger is passed. This is a way to re-direct your mind on purpose, and to avoid feeling the negative feelings.

Single focus example –
For a person who becomes easily upset, purpose to carry a smooth rock in your pocket. At a time of stress this person would hold and rub the rock, blocking out all other thoughts, concentrating on the shape and feel of the rock in their pocket.

Multi-focus example –
Recognizing negative or upsetting thoughts, purpose to access each of the 5 senses. Look in your immediate area for:
5 colors
4 sounds
3 different textures to touch
2 smells
1 change the taste in your mouth – gum, candy, etc mint works well here

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