Talk to your doctor instead of assuming something someone told you is correct.

I think just being able to talk to someone about it will help.

If you don’t want to try Xanax, there are other strategies you can employ.

Make a list of things you have to do. then highlight the things that are of absolute importance. Carve up your projects into bite-size chunks. Delegate, if possible.

After this time crunch is over,   address what is underneath your anxiety. Even if drugs are not for you, talking to professionals about this is important.

1) Wild Kratom

2) Kava-Kava

3) St John’s Wort

4) Salvia

5) Medical marijuana

When I prescribe Valium, I prescribe that it should be taken one hour prior to the appointment. With 10 mg, you should have someone drive you to and from the visit.

You shouldn’t take more than your doctor prescribed, as it can be dangerous.

When you get anxious, or panic, the body releases adrenalin.The adrenalin causes your body to overact, i.e. the heart beat increases, you breath quicker etc , that in turn makes you panic more and then your body releases more adrenalin for fight or flight (which it is meant to do ) and then this makes you even more upset and you panic even more. One technique is to  breathe into a paper bag (not plastic), and inhale your own carbon dioxide. This slows down the increase in breathing rate and stops the cycle of panic from getting worse.

A therapist would call this “grounding techniques”
What is involved is to access one or more of your 5 basic senses – focusing on it – until the danger is passed. This is a way to re-direct your mind on purpose, and to avoid feeling the negative feelings.

Single focus example –
For a person who becomes easily upset, purpose to carry a smooth rock in your pocket. At a time of stress this person would hold and rub the rock, blocking out all other thoughts, concentrating on the shape and feel of the rock in their pocket.

Multi-focus example –
Recognizing negative or upsetting thoughts, purpose to access each of the 5 senses. Look in your immediate area for:
5 colors
4 sounds
3 different textures to touch
2 smells
1 change the taste in your mouth – gum, candy, etc mint works well here

Try to force yourself to think about it so much, like think about something else..try talking to yourself, and tell yourself “you can do it” over and over inside your head..and try to make overcoming your fears one of your goals. Just think about this whats the worst thing that could happen if your put yourself out there, not everyone will always like you, but so what who cares about everyone, and if anything happens people are usually so worried about there own problems they forget about others.

No it is a prescribed drug and you cannot get it without a script.